Saturday, March 19, 2016

Everyone needs some R&R

I don't do many indoor posts because there's not a whole lot going on in the house!  Here is a great snap shot over the course of 3 hours of what life looks like indoors with three adult terriers.

This is very typical behavior for Viva.  Just kicking back and resting.

D'light says "Don't mind me, I'm sleeping"

Catty not interested in anything but resting

"Oh hi mom"

"Time to get back to snoozing"

"I have to get my beauty sleep"

Catty has repositioned and is now snoring

Still sleeping...

D'light finally wakes up

Nope, back to sleep

Catty begins to stir

Slowly waking up

Then Catty decides she needs more R&R
"Why do you keep bugging me with that camera?"

"I'm going to back to sleep"

Viva hasn't stirred

This post shows one of the many benefits of having a mature terrier in the house!

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