Monday, March 28, 2016

Sunrise at Seward Park - Part 1

With having more light in the early morning I've been thinking through my next plan with Viva.   While she loves to run and critter on her 50ft long line, I would like to do more work with her in terms of walking on a leash around people.  Walking in our neighborhood is too much environmental stimulation for Viva.  So, a better environmental set up for her is the 2.5 mile loop around Seward Park.  However, it's a very popular loop so timing is everything.  I want to get an idea of how busy the loop is at sunrise so, it's time to check it out with my trusty scout - Mr. D'light.  

We arrive as the sun is rising and it's so beautiful and peaceful.

I've walked this loop a lot but, I want to see the loop as if I was walking Viva.

What I'm looking for our our walks are the amount of people and dogs. I'm also making mental notes of spots where we can go if we need to get more distance from anything on the loop.

And as you can see it's a lovely morning to scope out the loop!

I watch a crew of rowers

And D'light walks the shoreline

As they are rowing back the colors in the sky are turning a pretty pink

And then look what we spot...

This otter followed the shoreline as we were walking and it was fun to watch him

Off he goes

And then back up again.

We are close to the halfway mark and D'light decides more shore inspection is needed

I'm not sure why he was so interested in all the smells but, I say great and we stayed in this area for a good while.

"Take my picture!"

He was very curious about the water

"There's fish in here!"

There are a lot of waterfowl in this area and I wonder if that's what smells so interesting. 

He finds this stump pretty interesting and it's really wonderful how curious he is about the environment.

We move down the shoreline and more stuff to investigate

The pussy willows are growing

Beautiful morning!

With all the shoreline exploration we only made it around half of the loop. 

That's no problem and we'll walk the last half of the loop soon enough!

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