Friday, March 25, 2016

Lots of blossoms at the arboretum

 Here are the two other posts in this series:
We finish off our adventure by walking home through the arboretum.  Time to see what's in bloom but, before we get to the main section, Catty has fun watching out the bridge.

There were a lot of trees in bloom
And again, lots of people!
There were a number of folks getting their pictures takes under the blossoms.
We cruse by lots of pretty flowering trees and lots of people out with their dogs.
Catty catching her second wind and she had a blast running the grass strip

Silly, silly girl!

There were so many flowering trees and it was a nice walk as we made our way home.

Some blooming forsythia

I love this picture with all the colorful blooms

This was a great way to make our way home!

We ended walking roughly 13 miles and Catty would have kept going!  Pretty good for a 11-13 year old gal.

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