Tuesday, March 22, 2016

An adventure cut short

We've been to Argus Ranch a number of times for Nose Work and lure events.  We always pass by the old Weyerhaeuser campus and I often say "I want to stop by that place".  So  after D'light's lure event we stopped off to check it out. 

Viva says "Another great place!"

This is big campus and on the grounds you will find The Rhododendron Species Foundation & Botanical Garden  and The Pacific Bonsai Museum

We focus on the main building on the campus

The place is empty...

Viva taking in the environment

Lots to see

Viva looking inside the building which was empty

Down the long corridor we go

A huge meadow

We skirt around what is the front of the building

So much fun!

We find a large pond that has lots of waterfowl in it

Viva is really enjoying herself!

More watching of the pond far below us

We complete our circle and I see a sign off in the distance

We head over to check it out

Well this is bummer! No pets!

Viva says "What do you mean no pets?!". 
So, back to the car Viva goes.

I saw a security guard and flagged him down.  Sure enough there are not pets allowed on the grounds.   This is due to the waterfowl which is protected here.

I head back and take a few more pictures.

There were a lot of geese here

This really is a neat place to explore if you are dog free. There is a foot path around the pond and through a lot of the wooded areas of the campus.

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