Monday, January 25, 2016

Catty visits Golden Gardens

Rain, rain and so much rain!  Despite the rain everyone was loaded up in the car and off  we went to Golden Gardens Park.  This isn't very close to where we live but, Catty and I had a Nose Work lesson near the park.  So, I figured might as well make an adventure of the trip.  We headed out early figuring with the downpour of rain no one in their right mind would be out with their dogs. Wrong!  I was shocked how many dogs were out at 7:30am on a Sunday in the rain!
I hadn't been to Golden Gardens in a long time.  The last time was with D'light and foster dog Seven
With all the dogs and I wanted to see what the tide was doing I knew bringing Viva out first was not a good plan.  I also knew that D'light would not be into this given the downpour and wind.  So, Catty girl - it's all about you. 
Catty hasn't bee here and I doubt she's ever had sand on her feet!  I was guessing she would like it here and it was time to see if I was right.
"Check this place out!"
Off we go to scope out the environment and Catty is having a great time despite the weather. Catty isn't a girl bothered by the rain.

Silly girl checking out all the logs

Catty had a great time with all the smells

Up and down on the logs which is great body work for her

She was not interested in the water!

Ugh was it raining!

As Catty explores, I make a mental map of where I can bring Viva and where I can exit if dogs get too close to us.

The bathhouse in the background

Getting a better view of the area!

Off she goes...

And boy did she have fun digging in the sand!  Made me laugh as Catty isn't a digger.  I have no idea what she was digging for but, she had a nose of sand when she was done!

Time to move to the north side of the beach and glad we scoped that out.  The tide was in and that's where a lot of the dogs were.  Their humans throwing balls and sticks in the water for them to retrieve.
Time to start heading back as Catty is soaked!

As we head back to the car we watch the birds in the marshes

Lots of bird varieties!


And there's a beaver in the area!

Pretty waterfowl and a lovely heron

Viva's turn to explore the beach at Golden Gardens is next!

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