Wednesday, January 20, 2016

D'light and I visit the Washington Park Arboretum

D'light hasn't been to the Arboretum in over a year so he was pretty excited (even with the intermittent rain).  What get's D'light excited is trees and especially cedar trees. 

In D'light's world, trees = squirrels = tons of fun!

There really is a lot to see at the Arboretum and we park near the Pinetum and start our adventure.

I decide to head to head over the main section of the Arboretum since I wanted to visit the Pacific Connections Garden D'light would have preferred we spend time on the Pinetum trail!  Just wait D'ligth we will find plenty of trees for you to critter around.
 "I want to go back to the Pinetum trail"

"Oh wait, there might be critters down below this foot bridge!"

We head out and find lots of trees being planted

We arrive at the Woodland Garden This is a very popular spot for professional family pictures when it's nice out.

D'light scanning the area

We'd yet to see anyone or any critters

D'light says "Enough of this garden, lets go!"

We stop and watch some birds

A view of the popular pond in the Woodland Garden

Time to head into the trees. 

"Anyone home?"

D'light says "This is my kind of place!"

No critters so time to move on

We enter Loderi Valley and the rain has returned

"Come on mom! There are cedar trees up here and they are the best trees ever!"

Sure enough, there were squirrels on the ground at the base of a number of trees.

As you can see D'light isn't a fast hunter but, he sure loves to get after the critters

"Come back down!"

We move on through a beautiful tree lined path

We are getting close to the start of the Pacific Connections Gardens

And we arrive at our destination.  First stop is The New Zealand Focal Forest

Stay tuned to see more of our adventure as we explore the Pacific Connections Garden

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