Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Brrr it's been cold out!

We've had some beautiful sun filed days but, with that sun comes the cold.  It's been around 30 degrees each morning we've been out. On this morning we headed down to the piers at Mount Baker rowing club.  

The docks were frost covered and Viva says "No problem!".  When something in the environment is interesting to her, not much slows her down.

You can see the bird tracks on the dock and there are A LOT of  birds around.

Viva says "Ducks!"

"More ducks!"

She wasn't sure what to do about seeing so many ducks and I think she has figured out that them swimming away from her is not worth the chase.  Here's a past post of our first encounter with some ducks Viva the duck hunter

Lots to smell on the frosty ground

"Here I come foster mom!"

She was curious about the noise of the water hitting the wall.

Then it was time to move on...

Lots and lots of birds on the pier!

We head over and you can see all the birds. 
Viva was way more interested in the smells the birds left behind. 

One lone seagull...

"Why did you leave?!"

Sniffing way more interesting than obsessing about the birds that have flown off.

Viva watching as the duck flies off.

A beautiful morning!

She sees something that catches her interest.

More birds to watch


Time to investigate

Viva having a great time

A nice quiet morning despite the cold!

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