Thursday, January 7, 2016

Viva the relaxed gal

 While Viva loves outside adventures she's a super easy and calm girl in the house.  She loves nothing more than to just relax while we are busy doing other things.  If we are all hanging out, she's just as happy to do that too.  This is what is wonderful about having a mature Rat Terrier.  At her age of 5 years, she doesn't need constant stimulation and she's not under foot wanting to do something. 
This is typical for Viva...
"I'm just getting some R&R"

"Resting my eyes"

"Time for a good nap"

"Bed change so I can maximize the sun!"
The sun has moved as has Viva

Sweet girl just relaxing

She thinks she hears something outside

"Is that noise worth getting up for?"

"Nope and I'll just rest my eyes a bit"

"Time for a really good rest!"
Sweet, sweet girl!


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