Sunday, January 31, 2016

Rest time!

While we have lots of fun outside, the dogs have lots of rest and sleep time as well! 
Here are just a few of silly times we find each of them resting...
"Oh hi mom, I was resting"

Catty has burrowed under the blanket and she says  "Go away!"
We got real chuckle out of this...
"Hi guys, I was relaxing under the blanket!"

Catty using D'light's back end as pillow

Viva is out!
Dreaming of critters...
"Are we going to critter?!"

Sweet, Viva!

Catty comfortable fast asleep!


  1. Julee, we love your training videos and the beautiful photos chronicling the mighty rat terriers conquering the Pacific Northwest, while being guided by their patient, hard working humans. But these photos absolutely SLAYED us - we died laughing about their contortions and goofy, narcoleptic sleeping positions (especially the one where D'light uses Catty's head as a pillow - or is Catty using D'light's hiney as a pillow?). But the most lasting impression of these photos is seeing the sheer joy and surrender of the sweet creatures who have your love and devotion. Thank you for this special post.

    1. Well your words made me choke up. Thank you as it made my day and yes we sure do love the goofy terriers!