Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Road Trip - Part 3

"We know something is worth hunting up there!" 
Getting their game plan going...
In all the years we've been down, D'light has had very little interest in this hillside. 

D'light says "Let's get it!"
Up the hillside he goes and Viva is still deciding if there's anything worth heading up there for.
Yup!  And off they both go

Viva skirts down to get a better view. 
D'light staying up the hillside hunting along the rock waterfall - he's in the picture too.

"I will find you!"

What a hunter!
They fire back up the hillside

D'light was all over the rocks

View from a top the waterfall and you can see the top pond.  You will hear more about this pond shortly.

Off he goes!

They are having a blast and I'm having a tough time keeping up!

Watching and sniffing

On the move

I love this picture of Viva!

Back down at the bottom of the waterfall and D'light says  "I am having sooo much fun!"

Critters beware!

"I'm coming for you"
Off goes D'light back up the steep hillside

Viva stays down at the base of the waterfall - rooting around.  Then we hear some noise that doesn't sound right.  It's something in the water.  I call D'light and nothing...
 I suddenly realize that it's D'light making that noise in the water up at the top of the hillside!  I hustle up the steep hillside I find him in the top pond and not able to get out.  A good reminder to always know where your dog is.  I'm sure he was after a chipmunk and lost his balance on the rock wall and then fell into the pond.
I fish him out of the top pond and we make it down the hillside.  Sweet boy did not find that to be a fun experience.

We head into the house, dry off and he wants to make sure to get all that water off of him.  Viva wondering if we can go back out.

As you can see D'light was just fine and it was time for a rest and to warm up. 
As you will soon see,  all three dogs had a very relaxing rest of the day and into the night!


  1. Sweet, brave D'light! Your pond adventure must have been scary. We're so glad you're okay and no worse for the wear...

    1. I was super scary for mom! D'light was ready to get back out hunting the next day but, he gave some space to the top pond.