Monday, January 18, 2016

Viva and I explore Marsh Island

In my previous post,  Viva and I visit Foster Island  we  had lots of fun.  Next it was time to head off and explore Marsh Island.   The Arboretum trail is what runs through Marsh Island.

I'd visited Marsh Island many years ago so I knew the sight lines were not great in certain areas.  So, I made sure to have a plan in place since Viva is dog reactive on leash.  While she is on the 50ft line, I did keep her closer to me in the areas where I couldn't see what was coming.  I also had my bag (that I always carry) full of  high value food.  

We made it through the first area without any dog encounters and we arrive at a look out point.  

Viva thought this was just grand - so much to smell!

We watch geese fly over  us

Viva watching the geese fly off

The view from the look out structure which includes a a view of University of Washington and their football stadium.

The foot bridges that we are headed to.

Across the water is the Center for Urban Horticulture and Union Bay Natural Area. Here's the post of D'light and I visiting the  University of Washington Botanical Gardens

There are a lot of water birds in Union Bay and Viva is thinking hard about how to get to them. She never barks at them, just watches thinking of her plan.

She heads down the structure to see if she can get through and closer to the birds.

She decides that won't work and back up the structure she comes

From the look out structure you can see some of the work they are doing on  the 520 bridge that connects Seattle to Bellevue.

Time to move on out!

Viva is having a great time and we have yet to see any dogs. We did see some joggers and Viva did great with ignoring them.

We arrive at a metal platform and Viva did great.   I was a little worried that the holes would be too big for her feet/legs but, it was just fine. 

More to see and Viva is ready to do it all!

We see a tug boat in the bay

And so many water birds! 

Viva decides there isn't a good way to catch the birds so, on the move we go!

Viva often makes me laugh! Here she's watching the birds and still trying to figure out if she can get 
to them.

"Where are you going?"  

Lots and lots of bird watching from both of us.  We both had a great time and because she doesn't 
bark and charge after them they tended to stay fairly close.  

Sweet Viva's brain is getting a good workout from all of the environmental enrichment.

Time to start heading back 

Pretty, relaxed girl!

We had back to the look out structure and Viva says "Take my picture!"

"Come up her foster mom and see what I've found"

We hang out for a bit, watching the duck bob in the water

Time to go and Viva did great!


Before heading back to the car, I want to check out what looks to be a beautiful view of Union Bay


Viva yet again surprised me at this look out point to stay tuned!

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