Monday, January 11, 2016

Road trip - Part 1

The dogs knew something was up... Once they saw Brett loading the car they were all hoping to get to join in whatever was going to be happening!
Catty and D'light watching and making sure they were going to be included in the car adventure.

"Dad I'm not taking my eyes off you!"

Viva just stood in the same place...

Everyone was loaded in the car and three hours later we arrive to our in-laws in Oregon.  Viva is a dream in the car.  She never makes a peep and is a great traveler.
We arrive and it's time to see what's going on.  Our in-laws have 5 acres, fully fenced and it has lots for a dog to smell and explore.
I keep the 50 line on Viva (letting her drag it) so that if she heads down into the heavy brush, I can fish her out. 

"We haven't been here since the summer and I can't wait to see what I've missed!"
Viva taking it all in.

Busy, busy terriers

"I bet if I get up here I can see better!"

"Yup, look at the view!"

"Time to go!"

Viva is a very athletic gal!

Of course she headed down into the brush...

Off she goes...

Glad I had 50 ft of line to keep track of her.

"Viva, you are nuts!"

"Oh so many leaves to root around in!"

"I'm so happy to be here!"

Viva made it out of the brush - I had to get in there to free her from a blackberry bush!

More to explore

Both dogs were in sniffing heaven

They had a great time paling around

And where was Catty? 

While Brettt and I were out with D'light and Viva, Catty was happy to relax on her papa's lap.  Catty says, "Why be out in the cold when you can snuggle down on a nice warm blanket getting gentle touches!?"


So much fun and stay tuned for the remaining 4 parts of this fun post! I will tell you that the dogs had a great time.


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