Sunday, January 17, 2016

Viva and I visit Foster Island

I've been wanting to head over to Foster and Marsh Island which are at the north end of the Washington Park Arboretum. With a rainy winter day I figured it would be a good time to go.  Anticipating that based on the weather we would pretty much have the place to ourselves.   I also wanted to bring Viva along since I was figuring it may be a swampy mess with all the rain we've had and I knew she wouldn't be bothered by any mud and rain.

Viva says "What is this fantastic new place?!"

Viva doesn't care about the rain!

Time to get a move on

"Foster mom there are birds out there!"

We arrive at Foster Island

"This is fantastic and what to do first!"

Down to the water she goes and down comes the rain.

Viva does a quick spin towards this log pile.  
Viva had a lot of fun checking all around the logs.


We move on and Viva is using all 50ft of her long line

Back down to the water and so much to sniff and explore

In true Viva fashion, she caught a smell of something and off she went to the base of the trees.

While Viva is sniffing through the leaves at the base of the tree, I read one of the information signs

We head over to check out the mouth of the isthmus 

"Oh I want to go get it!"

As you can see the water doesn't slow Viva down

Viva has amazing core strength! I had no idea what she was after and then as I watch her I realize she thinks the stick is something she has to inspect.  

Close call!

Time to get a move on and this is a lovely walk.

We work on recall

We are headed over to Marsh Island and you have to go under the 520 bridge. 

There's a lot of construction going on and none of it bothers Viva.

Ready for the next part of our adventure

Stay tuned as we explore Marsh Island

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