Thursday, January 14, 2016

Road Trip - Part 4

After so much outdoor excitement it was time for some R&R. 

Catty says "You all should have stayed in the house with me!"

The fire was too hot so, Catty moved back to her favorite lap buddy!

Viva says "Oh this is nice!"

But, she also got hot and found another spot where she could watch out the window.

D'light says "I love this fire!" 

Then it was lap time

Next was dinner and D'light is confused by the glass table!

"Can I have some of your dinner?"

Catty was happy to help with the dishes

And everyone has a nice rest

Viva is more than relaxed

Silly sleepy girl!


  1. Looks like everyone is having a wonderful weekend away from home!

    1. The dogs had an amazing time and Viva did well with the new people she met.