Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Viva explores the shoreline at Golden Gardens

As I've mentioned Viva could care less about the rain.  This is great given all the rain we've had! This also works out well since it reduces the amount of dogs that are out and about. Because Viva is dog reactive, we do a lot of management of the environment.  This includes steering clear as much as possible of dog filled places.   While we do management, we are also separately working on our behavior modification training plan with Viva around her dog reactive behavior.

Here is a good blog post talking about Reactivity: Training vs. Management

There were more dogs than I expected at Golden Gardens but, for the most part they were clustered in one area and that was the area we were avoiding.  So what I was doing was management while allowing Viva to experience a new environment.  Just becasue a dog has reactive behaviors doesn't mean they can't experience the larger world.

Off we go to explore the west shoreline of the park!

We had to walk by a marsh and Viva wanted to get after the ducks.  Not a good idea and we get a move on!

We arrive on the shore and Viva is very excited about the environment

No critters but lots and lots to smell

Watching the seagulls

Even with the rain we were having a good time

Time to move!

"I'm coming foster mom!"

She is having a blast!

Nice sight lines

Viva was funny as she would chase the small waves coming in.

Chasing the waves!

Viva was curious about the hollowed out stump. 

Even with a waterproof camera it was getting tough to get decent pictures - a lot ended up being bury and rain drop filled!

Something awesome to sniff up here!

"Oh the rain and wind!"

Off we go

Viva doesn't have any issues with the sand in her feet

She shakes off the rain and I try to wipe of the rain on the camera lens

I didn't have a dry piece of clothing on me so no luck in whipping off the rain drops!

We did see dogs and we were able to move quickly to get more distance.  Viva was more occupied with the smells of the environment than the dogs.  Good girl Viva!

A little more wave chasing

Viva taking in the view

Time to start heading back

A pass by the bathhouse and to the car we go!

Stay tuned to see what D'light's adventure before Catty's Nose Work lesson.

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