Thursday, January 28, 2016

Movin and grovin in the rain

I'm growing a bit tired of the rain and Viva says "Who cares about it!"
Despite often being very wet and muddy we still find neat things to look at.  So will Viva is scanning for critters I look for fungi!
Each outing, I find something interesting

Viva says "Enough of pictures lets go!"

At Seward Park there is a large outdoor amphitheater which is empty this time of year. 

Viva has lots of fun hunting around the benches

She chases some scent through the mud

The good news is that since Viva is so active outdoors, I never get cold and I get in lots of steps on my fitbit!

Planning out her next move and I get ready to run behind her!

Viva is extremely athletic and onto the rock she goes!

Pretty wet dirty girl!

We avoid the trails at Seward Park since the often have dogs that are off leash on them. However there is a very short trail that Viva and I visit and so far it's gone well in terms of no off leash dogs.

Here's the huntress after a critter trail.  I saw the squirrel of in the distance run up the tree when we arrived on the trail. 

"Where are you?"

I find more fungi!

We move through the tall grass and even with my boots being waterproof I often have wet and very muddy feet!

Getting a better view


And she quickly comes back up...

and back down!

Hunting around and it's time to go as we are both very wet and very muddy

Motor on!

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