Monday, January 4, 2016

Visiting the University of Washington Botanical Gardens

This was just a trip with D'light since we hadn't been here before and we needed to scout it out to see if Viva could be successful here.

We head out and it's a lovely location!

We find this petrified wood which was pretty cool!

D'light scanning for critters

Off we go!

We need to have a wardrobe change!  Moving from a 10ft leash to the 50ft long line

Lot's to see, a pretty place for sure.

"What is over there?!"

Off to check it out!

No idea what this is used for but, the light hitting the colored glass

D'light interested in checking out the small space - good boy D'light!

Lots of curiosity about the environment which is great for this sweet boy

"Let's go explore more of this place!"

Deep mud, grass and leaves don't bother D'light. This is excellent progress for him in the past he was very uncomfortable with weird textures that touched his feet.

D'light having lots of fun running around!

Off we go towards Union Bay

Checking out one of the ponds.  There was lots of wildlife action happening and D'light is fascinated by it all.

Lots to sniff!

Someone's house!

Off we go, you can see University of Washington in the background

The stadium at University of Washington

Lots of tall grass and reeds line the pathway. We did see a number of dogs here so between the dog and the not so great sight lines at this point, this isn't a good spot to bring Viva.

We spotted this bird

D'light says "What are you?"

I think it's a female pheasant

Union Bay

D'light watching all the birds

Off we go to see more!

Lots of water birds!

Clearly something has been along the shoreline as D'light was sniffing up a storm!

"I love this place!"

Then we find this!

I was sure all that tree work was from a beaver!  Turns out I was correct.  Before we left I stopped in to the information desk to ask and yup, they have beavers here.

Heading to the Center for Urban Horticulture

Pretty grounds and I bet the are lovely in the spring and summer.

D'light has his critter face on but, I capture a cool picture

Lots to see in this area

"What is down there"

Lots of pretty pebbles

Of to see more...

Time to go and this is a really nice place.  The trails are flat and it's an easy walk.

"Let's come back here!"


  1. What beautiful photos of an adorable dog exploring a new environment with a loving friend. Thank you.

    1. Thank you - we had a wonderful time!

  2. What beautiful photos of an adorable dog exploring a new environment with a loving friend. Thank you.

  3. Rigby's adoptive mom here. I love reading your postings! You take such beautiful photos and I learn a lot about the cool walks around Seattle, and of course, useful and important information about training, etc. Makes me wish we lived in Seattle again to read about all those outings. Reading this post about the Arboretum, I wondered if you had ever visited the NOAA site by Sand Point? There are cool walking trails, and public art installations including a very cool Sound Garden. Here is the link for the information if you need it:
    There is also a "NOAA art walk brochure" available as a pdf download on the internet.
    Thanks for all you do! We love our sweet Rigby!
    Annie and Brian

    1. Thank you Annie and Brian! Glad you love my posts, I clearly enjoy writing them and my photography skills have certainly approved. I've not heard of NOAA and now I have to go read about it! Sounds cool and you may soon see a post of our visit there - thanks for the tip! Thank you for adopting Rigby, such a sweet boy! He really hit the jackpot when he became a member of your family!