Saturday, January 2, 2016

Off to the arboretum we go!

It's Catty time and the three of us headed of to the Washington Arboretum!  We haven't been here in about and year and I wanted to check out the Joseph A. Witt Winter Garden. 

We are lucky to have so many great parks within walking distance - the Arboretum is a 40 minute walk from our house and yippee that it wasn't raining!  There's a lot to see at the Arboretum and I'm just focusing on the Winter Garden.

"Let's do this!"

This is a wonderful park but, there are always a lot of people out walking their dogs.  As always, I have my bag that contains high value food to reinforce Catty for ignoring dogs that she sees.  We've done a lot of work over the years with Catty around her reactive behavior and she has come along way.   

A moss filled tree!

Shhhh.... don't tell Viva and D'light that we saw about a dozen squirrels


Catty perched and scoping out where we are headed

"Let's get going!"

Lots to see!

Pretty girl strikes a pose

We arrive at our destination

Catty made us laugh... 

"Is nose work class here this week?"

This little colorful section was just amazing!


"I hope you are getting some good pictures!"

We find the Arthur Menzies

It has a great tree stalk

We saw a few hummingbirds!

Onto the Red Spite Holly

"How's this for a good picture!"

The Chinese Paperbark Maples are stunning!

The peeling bark is colorful and interesting!

"Let's keep exploring!"

Some great trees with curly branches

We move on...

The small Manchurian snakebark to the left and a blooming Rhododendron


Here's the snakbark maple up close - not my picture but, it's so interesting to look at!
As we were looking at all the trees we were engulfed with the amazing smell of the daphne tree

The fragrant daphne tree

"Come look over here!"

We find a cool silk tassel bush

"Did you see these red pods?!

A number of variety of camellia blossoms

Catty cruising by the golden thorny-olive 

Lots and lots of hellebores

From so much rain we have lots of mud. Seattle had over 11 inches of rain in December, making for the city’s wettest month in 9 years. The month wrapped up as the second-wettest December on record at Sea-Tac Airport—trailing only 1979 (11.85″).

Catty doesn't care about the mud and she's having herself a grand time!

Time to head home

A great walk for all three of us - we head by one of my favorite small parks

One more photo to close a great little winter adventure!

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