Saturday, January 23, 2016

Outside adventures are never boring when you have Viva along!

Viva and frequent a nice little area not to far from our house.  The location isn't one that I'd been to until Viva came into foster care.  Because Viva is dog reactive, I've become creative in finding places that are for the most part dog free and have multiple ways to get out if a dog arrives on the scene.  So what is this place? It's The Amy Yee Tennis Center and you will soon see why we like it!
The Tennis Center sits on 8.5 acres and there's a good mix of environmental enrichment for Viva. Even before we get out of the car, I can see if there are any dogs around.   Viva loves this location since she can quickly starts her hunting in the brush.  We were actually here the night before and Viva shot after something and into the brush she went.  She was in deep and I was worried that she wouldn't be able to get out.  She did get out with me having to assist her by getting into the heavy brush - full of sticker bushes.  But, the long line was extremely tangled.  I could not get it undone from whatever it was caught on.  So I unhooked Viva and let Brett give it a try. It wasn't budging and since it was dark we couldn't see what it was caught on.  So, we abandoned the long line for the night!
I went back the next morning and man did Viva get it all wrapped up in the brush and sticker bushes.  I was able to get it untangled but, it took me some time!
The brush area that Viva loves! I'm sure there are rats and mice living in there.

Once I had the long line it was time to get Viva out for some fun. The building in the background is the indoor tennis center.
We have great sightlines and all that brush on the right is prime crittering spots for high hunting drive Viva.
Lots of sniffing happens here
Here's more information about Amy Lee and an info sigh talking about the property.  There are lots of fruit trees here!

We are above the tennis center and we do a lot of work around helping Viva to feel ok about seeing people who are walking.  Viva has really progressed in terms of how she reacts when she sees strange people. Good girl Viva!

Next we head to another favorite location - the outdoor tennis court area.

While most dogs would love to chase a ball in a tennis court that's not Viva's interest.

Viva enjoys the concrete seating area that lines the tennis courts.  The serve as good perches while she scans for critters.

Viva loves to chase critter scent and she will use large areas to bracket the scent. While we were walking down the path, she swung out to the court chasing the scent and then back she went to the concrete seating area.

Hunt, hunt and more hunting!
Making sure she didn't miss a critter

On the move and lots of sniffing

She is fun to watch!!
I'm sure those holes have had squirrels, rats or mice running through them.
Viva was busy for a good 15 minutes in this area.

You can see downtown Seattle in the background and Viva says "Critters, where are you?!"

She's after something

Crows up in the trees.  Are they worth the chase?

She's still deciding if the crow is worth trying to get after

Nope and off she goes!

Nothing up there but, Viva has chased squirrels in this corner so she's hoping to find some.

Checking all the areas!

We move on and she goes to the brush area.  With so much brush you can see why there are squirrels and likely rats and mice around this area.

We walk by the indoor tennis club to watch the people coming and going.

Time to get going and back up to the top of the property we go.

More sniffing to do

I find more mushrooms and they were tiny little things.

Some of the fruit trees

A great time and I'm glad I was able to get the long line back in one piece!

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