Friday, January 15, 2016

Road trip - Part 5

On our last day Catty came along to see what she'd been missing out on.  I have both girls dragging long lines because again, when they head into the brush I can fish them out.  D'light is not one to venture into brush so he's a free boy!

All the critters had best hide out with these three on the hunt

These two don't mess around when it comes to hunting

"Oh this is where D'light fell in!"

Of we go down the hillside

Via looking good!

Hunt, hunt, hunt

Viva has found something and she dug for a bit - probably a mole that got away.

"Did you guys find anything?"

Catty perched on the rock. I took off her gear to get a nice picture of her!

"What are you doing down there?!"

D'light is sure there's something down there...

"I need back up - where are the girls?!"

Viva takes the lead and D'light trails

"Come on Catty"

Here comes the enforcer!

The girls getting after it and you can see why they are wearing long lines!

D'light wants to get in on this but he says "The brush is so high!"

Can you find the girls?

Time to head back to the house

A nice rest in the sun

After a rest, it's time to get packed up to head home.

"Can we go outside before we head out?"

Great view with Mt. Hood in the background

One last scan for critters

"Do we really have to go?"

Everyone had a nice weekend and the dogs no doubt want to head back down soon! 

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