Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Viva has a ton of fun IN Union Bay

Our last stop was heading out to the Northern tip of Foster Island. Walking the long and large rock wall while taking in the views of Union Bay.

Viva wanting to get a better view!

Viva sorting out if there's anything interesting in this section of Union Bay

We walk to the edge of the wall and it's about a 10ft drop down to the water.  As I started taking more pictures Viva decided that she had more important things to do...

Just like that she was off!  

Into the water she went!  I was surprised to see that I took these pictures as I was in shock with what she had just done.

And off she went out into the bay - thank goodness I had 50 ft of long line!

What a goofball dog and man oh man - life outside is never boring with Viva!

Because there was no way for Viva to get up, I had to pull her up with the long line.  Another good reason to also have your dog in harness!

As you can see, she's happy as a clam and figuring out if it's worth her time to go back in the water.

Silly, silly girl has her eye on something!

Viva wants what she sees....

While it's just a floating stick, she thinks it's something to hunt. 

Rather than have her take another head dive, I lower her down on the rocks....
Once Viva realizes it's just a stick she's done and ready to come back out!

Gotta shake off all that water!

It's time to head back to the car and we pass under the 520 bridge that was still buzzing with construction.

We had lots of fun and Viva is ready to come back to the islands again!

D'light had been resting up in the car, patiently waiting for his outdoor fun.  So, once Viva was crated up and under her blankets it was D'light's turn for his adventure!


  1. Wow, Viva! You are one tough little terrier! And you are the perfect dog for someone out there...

    1. Isn't she funny! I really enjoy our outside time as she always keeps me giggling. Silly and yes tough terrier for sure! I agree she is going to be a wonderful addition for the right home.