Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Yummy treats!

I found this recipe and decided to try it out since it was beyond easy and I had everything on hand  Blueberry dog treats

I did make some adjustments.  I used coconut flour instead of rice flour.  I also substituted coconut oil for olive oil.  As you can see I also added raspberries and nectarine.

"What are we making mom?"

Catty of course chowed down her blueberries before I could take a picture.  She's a garbage can and will truly eat anything.

Baer deciding what he thinks of this strange item...

"Not bad at all!"

Then Baer tries out raspberries

He LOVED the raspberries and woofed them down before I could get another picture!

"I would like more raspberries please!"

Catty moves towards Baer to see if they can both get more fruit

No more and Baer quickly realizes this!  Oh the decisions of what to do next.

Baer decides to join D'light while Catty and I stay busy in the kitchen.  D'light has zero interest in what we making.

Nap time!

"MOM, I'm waiting....  how can I help you to move this along?"

I mix the egg and coconut oil together and my kitchen helper is more than happy to lick the bowl!

"I must get every drop!"

Here's the mixture.  It needed some extra liquid so, I add a little water.  I also added more fruit.

Ready to go in the oven

Catty wishing for the empty mixing bowl.  Sorry Catty you are not getting that.

"Mom can I PLEASE have the bowl".
Nope sorry Catty, you'll just have to wait for the treats to cook.

"If I watch the oven will they bake faster?"

"Mom - they're done!"

Catty was right and they were all done!  
Time for them to cool...

I do not give one full cookie to each dog.  The dogs would look like balloons if I did that so, I divide the cookie into small pieces for the dogs to share.  One for each dog and then each human got a full cookie.  These are excellent for the humans and I'm not so sure the dogs will be getting many from this batch. 
"We're waiting to test out the treats - lets get this going"

D'light shows some interest

Baer loves it - look at his little tongue!

Catty ate her little piece so fast we couldn't get a picture!  But we did get video.  Look at the nice manners of all three dogs waiting for each other to have their treat. 

Catty and Baer gave this treat two paws up and D'light said "No thank you".

I'm going to have to make this again since the humans ate the  majority of this batch.

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