Friday, June 5, 2015

What to do...

Catty is a very opinionated gal and if she has a problem with a dog, everyone knows it.  Catty doesn't tolerate rude dogs and in the time Baer has been with us, he has passed the "Catty test" and that really speaks to Baer's dog to dog skills.

Baer likes one particular bed and on this morning Catty decided she wanted to lay on that bed... 

Sweet Baer wondering if he can rest on just a corner of the bed.

"Foster mom - what's a boy to do??"

"This really isn't very comfortable and I'm getting sleepy"

So, Baer decides that resting on another bed with his toy is a good plan.

Having a hard time staying awake in the warm sun...

Time for a nap!

D'light was also napping...  
"Mom - you're interrupting my beauty sleep!"

As the morning rolled along Catty found a good sun spot and Baer was happy to be back on the bed he likes.

Such a good looking fella!

Everyone is relaxing - Baer is sleeping upright.  He often does this and it's pretty cute!

Oh such rough life for these three!

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