Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Critter on!

After our vet visit it was time for a top notch positive reinforcer.  Positive reinforcers can be a wide variety of things for a dog - food, touch, affection, choice and of course having fun in the environment.  D'light and I headed over to the best critter location in town - the park area attached to Woodland Park Zoo. 

50ft long line attached and it's time to hunt!

"Ok critters... I will find you!"

Given we critter pretty frequently, D'light's hunting skills have really progressed.  He's figured out how to hunt using his nose and not relying solely his eyes.

 He will often stop mid hunt perk up sniffing and tasting the air. 

He loves to sniff around all trees. Cedar trees are a favorite since he' s had a lot of success locating squirrels on these trees.

He's caught a scent and off he goes!

More sniffing of the air -  "Dang it, the squirrel was already in the tree!"

D'light has no fear when he's hunting and we love watching his crazy terrier self.

Such a handsome boy!

Off to do more hunting!

He's treed a squirrel and really wants to get it!

You know it's a good hunting day when he has his signature alligator mouth!

"I'm on your trail!"

Up the tree the squirrel goes!

Oh such a fun time for D'light! He flushed out about 8 squirrels over the course of an hour.    Both D'light and I were doing a lot of running so a good workout to boot!

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