Monday, June 8, 2015

D'light says "Vet Prep works"

D'light is not a fan of visiting the vet office.  When D'light first came to us he would get so stressed out that just entering the vet office would lead to uncontrollable shaking and even the lose of his bladder and bowels.  So, over time we've done a lot of "vet prep". 

All that work of creating good experiences has paid off.

We visited the holistic vet to get a check up around his food allergies. He use to shake and tremble as soon as we would walk in the door.  Today was a different story!

"Check out this rug"

Clearly D'light is not stressed and is having a good time for himself.

After a good romp on the rug, he ventured over to the scale.  Over the years, D'light has not been fond of the scale. Check him out!

"Mom, look at me getting up here all on my own!"

And look who's curious and ready to go see the vet!

We had an good visit and D'light left with a bounce in his step! Way to go D'light you're a super star. Many thanks to our trainer Lori Stevens who helped us create a "vet prep" plan!

  And D'light was very excited to find out what his "treat" was for doing so great - that "treat" will be my next post!

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