Tuesday, June 23, 2015

So much to smell at Tolmie State Park

We use the environment a lot to bolster D'light's confidence.  This also increases his curiosity about the environment which is fantastic as the environment can provide a tremendous amount of enrichment.

On this trip we are seeing a sweet boy who is engaged and curious about all the smells and textures of the beach front.

No worries about walking in the sand or on the rocks.  
There's no time to worry when there so much to smell

He finds a dead crab and boy was that interesting!

There were lots if tiny crabs and shrimp in the small tide pools. Those little critters moving around was pretty interesting to D'light.

He found this sand dollar and it stunk!

D'light begins venturing out towards the water

More barnacles to investigate

Watching the tide roll in and having a super time

How close does D'light get to the water?  That's for the next blog post!

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