Friday, June 26, 2015

D'light gets his feet wet at Tolmie State Park

With the whole beach to ourselves, D'light had plenty of time and space to venture closer to the water.  

D'light finds a number of tidal pools to walk through

Getting closer and still such much to investigate and smell!

Looking fantastic and having a good time!

D'light decides to follow dad towards the water

Brave D'light  helping dad to check out rocks in the water!

Time to wrap up our time on the beach...

Such a great experience for D'light!  While he will never be a water dog, he found out that getting his feet wet was a fun time.

We start heading back

"Oh wait! There's a tree down here - where are the critters?"

We head back up the trail and stay tuned for our next adventure at Tolmie State Park!


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