Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Toys are so much fun! - Part 2

All video's have lots of squeaky toy noise so, you've been warned if you have dogs around while you watch these goof ball terriers. 

Oh so much excitement!  Look at the tails and those adorable faces.

D'light can't decide which toy he likes better.  Catty patiently waits for him and then she decides she wants her toy.  Cute Baer loves his little pink pig.

Everyone is happy with their toy and Catty gives her toy a good kill shake!

Silly dogs and why Catty feels the need to be in the middle of the hallway is beyond all of us.  Both Baer and D'light just play around her.

Catty loves her new toy and is ready for more fetch or even a game of tug!

What does Baer think about pink pig?  Well it's perfect for playing hide the toy!

Fun, fun and more fun!  The dogs played for a good 20 minutes with their new toys. 

 "We love our new toys - now can we go back to playing more?"

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