Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Toys are so much fun! - Part 1

I had to stop off at the pet store and I brought Baer along. He did great!
"What are those weird cats in the window?!"
"So many amazing toys!"
"I see a few that would be fun!"

Baer and I picked out three toys - one for each dog.  
As you can see, Baer is ready to play with his toy! 
Pink pig is for Baer, blue bird is for D'light, and squirrel is for Catty!

"Let's do this!"

What a silly face!
"I want my toy!" 

I love this picture - check out D'light's smile!

"I want that toy!"

"NO more pictures - let's play!"

Stay tuned for a bunch of video watching of these three having lots of fun with their new toys!


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