Friday, June 19, 2015

Curiosity got Cat!

Catty and I decided to walk through Mount Baker Park...

We were checking out the pond...

Catty decided to venture into the water, wanting to investigate a stick.  In a split second, she lost her footing which created an unexpected swim!

Here's Catty after her swim and she was not pleased about the mishap.  
Funny girl thought this was a good way to get off all the pond material!

Dirty, dirty girl!

"That was embarrassing - let's not tell anyone about this"

WEEEEEE... Catty showing off her spunky self!

More rolling and since I knew she was getting a bath at home she was free to get as dirty as she wanted!

"I'm not that dirty and I don't need a bath when we get home!"

"Remember that we are not telling anyone about this!"

Time to hit the road!

As you can see her little pond adventure didn't slow her down a bit!

We head home and take the step - up, up up!

"Why are we stopping, lets find more stuff to do!"

"Look mom, pretty much all that pond gunk is gone so no bath needed!"

Then it was bath time...  
Catty is excellent in the bath and she's hilarious after it's all over!

I put the wet towel out on the deck to dry and Catty thought it was a good resting place!

But, after an adventure filled morning, it was time for a real nap in her bed

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