Thursday, June 11, 2015

Baer update!

Sweet Baer is now Chico and he's doing amazing in his new home!  Chico quickly settled in and his dad is just thrilled with his new buddy.   

Here's Chico hanging out on the patio with his dad.  This was Chico's first 24 hours with his dad and as you can see, he's nice a relaxed!

Chico had no problem getting cozy on the couch with one of his many new toys!  Love that pillow too.

Chico and his dad have already been out explore the environment - so much fun!

A duck pond and Chico looking for the ducks!

A giant tadpole and Chico is curious as ever

So much to take in and Chico hasn't missed a beat.

"Life is good!"

Chico's dad works from home and as you can see Chico is working hard as his dad's office buddy.

Such an amazing match and happy life for Chico and his dad!

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