Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So much to do in the environment!

Catty found this tree pretty interesting and decided to give it a climb!  If Catty wants to investigate something, she will sort out a way to get where she wants to go.  Smart, smart rattie girl.

"Not much going on up here!"

"Wait - I see some birds over there!" 

"There's lots to see from this vantage point!"

"Hey mom, get a picture of me!"

Off we go...

Another great shot of a very pretty girl!

We move down to the steps and Catty says "Let's play a game!".

We play a few games of find it - again working her body by moving up and down the stairs.

Then off we go!

Look at Catty's adorable waddle!

Up the rock wall she went!

As we head out the park  Catty says "Hey mom, check out this wall - talk about fun!"

Wall walking time which is great for working on balance.

We found a fun rock to play on and of course a great photo shot!

All of the exploration and use of the environment isn't just about fun. It builds confidence, encourages curiosity and gives her  a mind & body a workout.  We could just walk the 7 mile loop we are on but, by finding environmental opportunities -  Catty also receives a lot of enrichment and excitement!

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