Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bear checks out Lake Washington - Part 1

Lake Washington is just a stones throw from our house.  So, it's a great place to walk on a non- windy day.

Baer is ready to see what awaits him on this adventure.

 You can see some apprehension but, curiosity got the better of Baer!  

Based on where Baer came from I doubt he's ever seen water like this.   

I let Baer decide how he wanted to explore the environment.  With any being, giving choice can and often does create a positive experience.  This helps us to move forward in our decision making process.  No one likes to be forced into doing something they are not ready to do and if we are forced there's often negative fall out.

He didn't want to leave rather, wanted to stand and watch the small waves hitting the steps.

We move down to a different spot.

Baer decides he wants to hang out

Watching the waves

Even bending down to see if he can get closer to investigate!

"This is pretty awesome!"

Time to move on down to a different spot on the lake 

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