Saturday, June 13, 2015

Catty checks out the pier

We head down to Lake Washington and Catty wants to check out a pier!   This is great as the surface is wood planks and you can see and hear the water beneath the planks.  I have to imagine the smells are also super interesting to Catty.
Catty loves to get after crows so, the crow sitting on the pier was a perfect opportunity her.

"What is down there?"

There were men fishing on the pier - this was pretty interesting to Catty.  You can see the I-90 bridge in the background - were we had walked from.

Sniffing, sniffing, sniffing! 
There were some yucky dried fish parts on the pier and Catty devoured them in no time flat - well before I could get to some of them.  Catty will eat pretty much anything she thinks in edible and in her world, lots of things are edible...

"What do you mean no swimming?!"

She's actually getting ready to grab that animal part on the left side of the sign. I was able to get to it before Catty!

Watching the men fishing and the crew boats!

Off we go!  
We were well into our walk and Catty is still ready to rock and roll.

Off to the next section of our walk - the large park in the background of the above pictures.

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