Friday, June 12, 2015

Catty time!

June is Catty's "gotcha" month - we adopted her from New Rattitude back in 2010.  Boy oh boy have we learned a lot about dogs since adopting Catty.  She's a delightful, loving, loyal, wicked smart & opinionated terrier.  Catty often keeps us on our toes! 

Being currently foster free, this gives Catty and I more 1:1 walks and we do lots of fun stuff together.  Little miss Catty is a girl that loves to be busy - she's a typical terrier who is curious about the environment and ready for pretty much anything. 

Catty is between 10 and 12 years old and she's in excellent physical shape!  On our walks we often find things in the environment to work her body and brain.

Here we've found a fallen tree in a park near our house.  Catty may have short legs but, they are strong and get her where she needs to go. 

"Come on! I want to go see what else there is to do!"

"Take my picture and lets get going!"

There are lots of stairs in our neighborhood so we use those to work our legs and core!

We also have lots of hills so, we take advantage of walking up and down them.  A good workout for both of us.

We head over to the I-90 bridge overlook

"I'm posing so please reinforce me with a yummy treat in your bag!"

So much to see! 

Catty had fun looking through lots of the columns on the wall.  Good work for her core.

Watching the cars travel over the bridge

"What's this thing?!"

I did not know the name of the I-90 bridge... now I do!

Time to motor!

As you can see Catty is a mover. 
Catty may be considered a senior and have short legs but, she can out walk most people!

Stay tuned to see where her little legs take us next!

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