Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Baer loves meal time

When Baer arrived, his teeth were in rough shape and so I opted to feed him a high quality, easy on his teeth food.  Now that Baer has his teeth all fixed up he doesn't have an issue with crunchy items but, he's happy to still be eating Honest Kitchen. 

Honest Kitchen is an excellent food and it's so easy to prepare. I've heard people say that it takes too much time to prepare which I totally disagree with.  I feed three dogs - all three eat different foods and meal time prep only takes about 8 minutes. 

Baer also enjoys eating some of Catty's Green Juju

I had stopped of at All The Best to buy some raw goat milk for a recipe I was going to make for the dogs. However, I didn't read what I was actually buying...  Answers makes goat milk so, that's what I thought I bought.  Turns out I bough fermented fish stock (stinky fermented sardines). My mistake was Baer's gain - he enjoyed the fish stock which I mixed into his food.  Baer isn't a picky eater so, that make feeding him pretty easy.

And it's time to eat!  Honest Kitchen, fermented fish stock, Green Juju and some fresh raspberries.

"Pretty tasty meal!"

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