Friday, October 16, 2015

We check rest of Jefferson Park - Part 2

Below are past posts of the places we've explored at Jefferson Park.  This park continues to be our go to place and I'm thrilled to have found it!



Viva was stopping to take a sniff when down the street comes a fire truck

"What is that thing?"
Viva was pretty curious about the fire truck.
After the fire truck left we watched people coming in out of the recreation center.  We stood at a distance so that Viva was able to make behavior choices.

Viva showing off her skills - when she sees a person, she looks to me and she gets a food reinforcement.  When Viva is on leash, people cause her discomfort so we are doing lots of work using desensitization and counterconditioning. 

Time to move on, you can see the driving range in the background

There are lots of tennis courts along this sidewalk

Off we go

We are just about the end of the pathway and lots going on for Viva.   A jogger and then all the firemen and their truck.
Viva makes great choices!

We stop to watch the fireman.

We play "find it"

Lots of fireman come out...

The cool little firehouse at the north east corner of the park.

Viva come back to check in with me.
She is reinforced with food for making this excellent choice.

Lots going on in the environment and Viva is a rock star!

We head out and Viva stops for some good sniffing!

Off we head to the car

I'm pretty sure that Viva loves Jefferson Park as much as I do!



  1. Viva is such a good girl! And kudos to you, Foster Mom, for working so hard with her. I've been reading some of your earlier posts...I just finished crying my eyes out after figuring out that you ended up adopting Dandy (who I take it you renamed to D'light at some point). What a beautiful happy ending for all of you!

    1. I just went back and looked at Dandy's adopted post and his name change post. Such a sweet boy and he's had a ton of success over the years. You can probably tell we love him to the moon and back! Thank you for you nice comments!