Monday, October 19, 2015

Viva hunting among the fall foliage

Here's part one of this two part post if you missed it Fun for the girls & pretty fall colors!  
Having Viva in foster care, I've had to get creative and really think about where to take her since she is so dog reactive on leash.  We are work a behavior modification plan, we are seeing progress and tight management of the environment still has to happen. 
The great thing about all of this is that I go places with Viva that I haven't gone with other foster dogs or our dogs.   Yes I've been to Emerald Downs for Nose Work events but, I haven't gone walking around the place. If you suggested I do this I would wrinkle my nose at you and say "Why would I want to go there?!". Viva has helped me to experience that even parking lots can be fun and enjoyable! 
So, be creative and think outside the box - you might find some real location gems that you and your dog will love.  I wish Emerald Downs wasn't so far away as I would love to do more exploring of the area with Viva!
Viva decides we should head the opposite direction of the horse barns.  Again the parking lot is sprawling and there was a lot for Viva to investigate.  If you are learning how to maneuver a long line, a large empty parking lot is a good place to start that work since there's very little for the line to get caught up on.
Lovely colors!
Viva wants to head across the street.  So off we go we!  You can see the long line, Viva is very interested in the other side of the rock!
She tracks over to this bush.  Viva loves to hunt - I've not had a dog in our care that is sooo into the actual hunt!  More often than not, I have no idea what she's hunting but, you can hear her pushing the air out her nose and mouth.
Time to move on to better smells

Viva watching a flock of flying geese.  They were way too far off for her to want to chase them.

Nose back to the ground!

She's onto something

The railroad tracks and a gully

"I must see what is down here!"

She was rooting around down here for a good 5 minutes.  Again, I don't have an agenda - this all about what Viva wants to do.

She tracks up to the tree

Great shot of her!

I tell her it's time to head back to the car

A couple more sniffs!

Viva never did find a critter but, she sure had fun hunting!
 Curious about how important the nose is for a dog?  Here's a great video to get more information:


  1. What a great idea for us to try out our new long leash! Viva looks like she had a wonderful time. And hopefully Catty had fun at her nose work event. We're waiting for a class to open up in our area so we can try it. In the meantime, we've been playing "find it." It's been fun.

    1. A wide open location is a good place to start with the long line. I remember back when I first started with one and I thought "this is impossible!" Now I can't live without the long line! That's wonderful about waiting to get into a class! Nose Work is so much fun for dogs and the humans too. Bet your pups love the game of "find it!"