Monday, October 12, 2015

Love this time of year!

Clearly I enjoy outside adventures with the dogs.  This is by far my favorite time of year for being out. I love to watch the change in color of all the trees.  
Viva's white body is a beautiful against the explosion of color.   
"Foster mom there's lots of smells here!"
Viva had lots of fun sniffing all the fallen leaves.  While we do lots of training when we are out in the environment, I also give the dog a good amount of time to just smell and engage with the environment.


Back to sniffing

I pull out some treats and toss them in the leaves for a game of find it.

This game kept her busy and worked her brain. 


"I found them all, can we play that game again?!"

"Ok, hurry up and take some pictures and then I want to play again!"

Back to find it...

"Those were yummy treats!"

We work on some recall with the pretty trees and leaves in the background
Time to go and this was a fun time for both of us!


  1. Enjoy the fall leaves and weather, Viva and foster mom! Our leaves have just started turning colors, but the squirrels and chipmunks have been extra busy, which is very exciting for Stewie and Stanley. And thanks for the link to Denise Fenzi's blog...she's got a lot of great training tips, too.

    1. I agree that for Terriers this is a great time of year with all the critter activity! Glad you enjoy Denise Fenzi's blog - she's awesome for sure!