Thursday, October 15, 2015

We check out the rest of Jefferson Park - Part 1

As I keep saying, Viva and I spend a lot of time at Jefferson Park.  There's just so much to do her and the environment works really well with Viva. Great sight lines, low on dog sighting if you go to the park early in the morning.

Off in the distance is the the driving range. 

Lots for Viva to sniff and I can see all around us.

They have sports fields which make for more great sight lines.

We move on and in the back ground is the Veterans Hospital

Viva did well with seeing this worker. 
She will watch new things, assessing what she thinks of them.

We found this!  I had no clue that there was such a thing as lawn bowling.

"Enough pictures, lets see what else is here!"

Next stop is the driving range. Viva was fascinated by the golf balls being hit.

A practice green and Viva taking it in.

The Jefferson Park clubhouse in the background

Off we go!

We head up to the clubhouse

Sweet girl is doing great with so many new things to see.

Viva wasn't sure about the rollers that hold the golf bags. 

Time to move on and we stroll down this lovely tree lined sidewalk. 

Viva watching a man in the distance

She looks to me, she's reinforced with food for this great behavior choice and off we go.


Stay tuned to see the rest of the park!

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  1. That looks like a wonderful place for Viva to explore and experience new things. Good girl, Viva!