Friday, October 30, 2015

Catty says "Lots going on in the neighborhood"

 "So much to see on our walks!  Mom loves these purple berry bushes."

"Mom says these are some of the last flowers until spring"

"What happened to this lady?"

"Check out at all the stuff at this house!"

"Something is going on and mom is saying something about this thing called Halloween"

"Mom, come look over here..."

"These things are nuts but, they don't scare me! Unfortunately mom cut off my grin in this picture"


"One more crazy house and I prefer to sniff who's been in their lawn!"

While Catty doesn't mind all the lawn decorations she (same with D'light) is not fond of the dressed up running around children.  I'm very sure that Viva is not fans of the dressed up kids. So, we will doing management at our house come Halloween so that everyone is safe and hopefully not stressed out.

Here's a great site full of Halloween Safety Tips

And another of my favorites form 4PawsUniversity and here's the link to her halloween facebook post which is full of very helpful information.

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  1. The photo of Catty by the purple berries is lovely, and the one of her sniffing the witch's feet is hilarious! Thanks for the Halloween tips...great reminders for us.