Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A visit to Rattlesnake Lake - Part 2

We headed back to the car to get Viva.  She loves to explore and we were guessing she would love this place!  As you can see Viva is ready to rock and roll.

"Let's not waste time watching, lets get moving!"

Off we go. Both dogs on 50 foot long lines

Pictures really don't capture the moon scape beauty of this empty lake.
You could spend all day out here walking and looking all the stumps and rocks. It's really beautiful.

The notches in the trees are from were logger placed planks.  The loggers stood upon the planks to the cut higher on the trees.

Viva and I are off!


We then realize to get good pictures of the dogs, one of needs to take both dogs while the other takes pictures.

I take both dogs, thinking I would have the easier job...

Clearly not the case!


I recover and I change leash lengths.  I always have multiple length leashes for this reason!  I've had people ask me how I walk two dogs on 50ft long lines.  And my answer is I don't!    It's impossible to have that much line and two moving dogs.

Because D'light and Viva are good on leash (Viva is good on leash when there are no other dogs around), I opt for 9ft leashes and we begin exploring the landscape.
This place is huge!
You can barely see us in the picture.

Viva was in full sniff mode and D'light was wondering what dad was doing!

D'light finds lots to smell

Watching the birds

More sniffing and this was a great spot to bring D'light. I'm sure he was disappointed that there were no critters but, life has to have more than critter hunting.

The stumps are just cool to look at

One reason this was good spot for D'light is he gets moving on different terrain.  Back in the day he wouldn't even move over rocks like this - it was too scary.  We've done a lot of work with him around feeling comfortable with different terrains.

Speaking of terrain... lots of navigation on rocks and random logs and big pieces of lose wood.


Amazing pictures!

"VIVA, come see what I found!"

Something long dead and stinky!
The are in the shell of an old tree stump.

D'light says: "Let's go find more!"

 Stay tuned for part 3 of our adventure!

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