Saturday, October 10, 2015

We explore the Skate Park at Jefferson Park

Viva and I  spend a lot of time at Jefferson Park.  We do this because it has great sight lines, it's close to us and there's a lot to do here!

We arrive early and as you can see there's no one around

We head over to the skateboarding park.  The golf range is in the background

Lots of cool ramps to climb up, down and around

Viva says "Wow is this fun!"

Time for to practice the game of "find it"

"I found them all - do you have more?"

Taking in the environment

You can see downtown Seattle in the background.  Downtown is about 10 minutes from this park.

This is a good physical and mental workout for Viva

Pretty girl with a pretty backdrop!

There's a huge area for skateboarders - I have to imagine this place is skateboarders heaven!

We venture in and play "find it"

Then crap!!!  We are playing "find it" and a seagull flew over and Viva said "I gotta get it!"  

Thank goodness for the long line and that I was able to run up that slope so fast.
Viva didn't run far as the seagull flew over the golf range so Viva was stopped by the fence.  Life is never dull with a Terrier.

After that fun little adventure it was time to start heading back.

Taking time to get some sniffs on our way back to the car.

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