Monday, October 5, 2015

Pretty Volunteer Park

D'light had visit the vet to have his teeth checked out.  He's not real fond of the vet but, I made sure he saw the vet and vet tech whom he knows and feels fairly comfortable with.  And thanks to all the vet prep we've done he did well.  Here are two past links talking about D'light's vet prep: What has D'light been up to?  & vet prep works

I always make sure we do something fun after a vet visit and so, we head over to Volunteer Park which is about 3 minutes from the vet.
As you will soon see, the park is just beautiful this time a year!

The water tower and D'light is scanning...

Hunting and time for some pictures to show off this pretty park.

Watching the trees for critters

The Thomas Burke Memorial

"Can we go now?!"

Happy boy!

He was very excited as he just finished chasing two squirrels!

Motoring by the reservoir 

 Black Sun sculpture with the Seattle Asian Art Museum in the background

You can see the Space Needle behind the reservoir

Still looking for critters...

Time to walk around the museum

Such a cool building and there was nobody around!

One of the camel statues

The entrance to the museum

We head over to the Volunteer Park Conservatory

"Are you coming?!"

Pretty flowers for this time of year!

Sweet boy is being very patient with all these pictures

As we head over to the park with lots of trees (trees = critters)  we skirt the Dahlia Garden

D'light isn't impressed by the dahlias but, I thought the were beautiful.  

Did you know that in 1913, the dahlia was established as the City of Seattle's official flower.

"Let's go!"

 Enough pictures, time to go to the flat part of the park full of trees where D'light can get after more critters without camera interruption!


  1. Such a beautiful park and those dahlias are stunning! Hopefully D'light got in his fair share of crittering.

    1. It's one of my favorite parks in Seattle and D'light had lots of critter time!