Friday, October 2, 2015

Viva loves tomatoes!

Viva has enjoyed tomato season and sadly it's come to an end with the arrival of fall.  I picked the last of the ripe tomatoes from our garden and Viva is hoping to have just a few more.

Viva has excellent manners around food time.  She doesn't jump, doesn't bark - she just patiently waits for you.

"I'm hoping my amazing sit will produce some of those yummy tomatoes!"

I give Viva the tomatoes in a slow down bowl.  I use this bowl because it provides a slight challenge to Viva.  How does she get the rolly tomatoes out of the odd shaped the bowl?

While Viva is wicked smart and a very eager learner, she struggles with problem solving and creative thinking.  I've offered her a number of interactive toys and after sniffing around the toys, she just walks away from the even if there's high value food in them.  Clearly the sweet girl has little to no experience with the skills associated with problem solving and creative thinking.  So, we are working to increase her "behavior tool box" by offering simpler interactive items.  This will boost her confidence and start to build problem solving and creative thinking   Thus the slow down bowl!

Viva starts with just pushing them around.

 Viva figures out that if she pushes them into the wall of the bowl she can pick them out.

She's doing great!

Only one left

"Got it!"

Empty bowl and a happy Viva!


  1. What a great idea! And who knew that dogs like tomatoes?

    1. Viva also likes apples and other frozen fruit!