Thursday, October 8, 2015

Viva and the behavioral chain - Part 3

If you missed the previous posts here's how we got to this point:

Now it's time to practice with all three dogs.  Viva thinks this game is awesome and she does a nice job at the top of the stairs. She tries to get her rear up on the top stair but, Catty is too close. So Viva makes the choice to come down a stair. Perfect and she is reinforced for excellent choices.  Catty and D'light are reinforced for ignoring Viva.

Perfection and foster mom is super excited.
Nice job by all three dogs and Viva's ready to keep playing this game!


And here's D'light blooper.  
Viva giving us amazing behavior.  
Catty saying "I'm the smart one, if I just sit her the food will come to me!"

A true behavior chain would be to have Viva do the whole chain of behavior with the only reinforcement occurring at the end of the chain. However, for my needs I continue to reinforce Viva for every behavior I ask because I want those behaviors rock solid.  I will be using all of them (wait, look, ok) when we are outside and something in the environment is upsetting to her.

A silly picture of Viva and she loves to learn and practice new skills/behaviors.  

All three dogs say "Lets keep practicing!"

Way to go Viva! 
By giving her new behaviors and the power to choose she's making excellent progress.  Who loves positive/force free training?  We do!
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  1. Viva's progress is truly amazing! She does seem to have so much fun training. The other two were a fun addition to the mix...I did love D'light's blooper, too. Happy Friday to all of you!

    1. Viva is a joy to work with and it amazing the choices a dog will make with they have a number of options to chose from! Not only is she learning lots of new skills, she's calmer and more confident because she can make choices that give her lots of positive reinforcement. Happy weekend to you all!