Monday, October 26, 2015

A visit to Rattlesnake Lake - Part 1

We've had very little rain this whole year.  That has not been good for a variety of reasons but, it did give us a chance to see something super cool! Here's a link to the article talking about our latest adventure: 

We were at Rattlesnake Lake back in March of this year for a Nose Work class.  You can see what a beautiful place this is.
D'light at Rattlesnake Lake in March 2015.  You will see the changes in landscape!

March 2015 and this fantastic stump with tree growing out of it

And here's the same spot this last weekend...

Again March 2015 and the center tree is what you will see in the below October pictures.

October 2015
"Where's all the water?"

"WOW has this place changed!"

"I need to check this all out!"

 March 2015 - the stump on the far left is what is below in the October pictures.
October 2015

A cool rock that is now exposed

"I can see so much from up here!"
We brought Viva along but, left her in the car to scope out the environment. 
"Looks good for Viva, let's go get her"

"I have to check this out before we head back to get Viva!"

Stay tuned to see a lot more of Rattlesnake Lake. 
I will say that Viva and D'light had an excellent time and the humans were amazed with so much to see!

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