Friday, August 7, 2015

So much to see, smell and explore!

After a busy day everyone slept well and we were up and out exploring our in-laws yard at sunrise.

D'light looking majestic
Wondering about the critter smell or the fallen apples?

Time to explore


King checking out all the annuals. 
I love the eggplants in the right corner of the picture.

Some great shots of good looking King

Off to check out more of the yard!
D'light is busy exploring the pond

So much to investigate

King says "Wait for me!"

The rocks didn't phase King a bit.  He just doesn't want to miss out!

Speaking of rocks - King thought this rock was the perfect look out location

More to see and smell

D'light has found a good perch to sniff the air

"Critters, where are you?!"

"Time to go boys.  We have another adventure ahead of us!"

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