Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Surviving the Blue Angels - Part 1

There are two events in the summer that I dread... the days around the 4th of July holiday and Seafair.  Both are loud and Catty is very noise sensitive so, this always creates a stressful environment for her.  We made it through 4th of July and we were prepared for the Seafair weekend.  The biggest issue for Catty is the Blue Angles show.  The planes are loud and with the location of our house the planes fly right over our house. This leads to our house shaking from the loud jets.  Fortunately we know when the planes are flying so we have a window to work with the dogs while the show is happening.
In years gone we would load the dogs up and drive somewhere to get away from the noise.  However, traffic is awful so this year I had a plan that would allow us to stay at home during the shows.
Getting out early (since it's so hot) for a good walk the day of the shows.  Getting the dogs tired is a must.  Another lucky thing was that we had Nose Work class Sunday morning so that was also used to wear Catty out.
Lots to smell on the walk

Catty doesn't like the heat and while walking, she needed a break on our way home. 
She has "her spots" that she likes to lay in the cool green grass.

"This heat sucks"

"I could lay here for hours!"

"Make this heat go away!"

Back on the move to head home

Resting and getting ready... 
We have a lot of sound machines so, I make sure they are all out and on.  Catty is use to the ocean sound so, that is what is blaring in our house during the show.

Here are four of the six Blue Angels jets with Mt. Rainer in the background
Fat Albert (transport plane for the Blue Angels) who is very large and very loud.
View from our deck of boats waiting for the Blue Angels show
Stay tuned to see how we "work through" the Blue Angels show.

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