Monday, August 3, 2015

Road trip!

Back down to Portland we went for one of D'light's lure trials.  We're lucky that this event was close to our in-laws allowing us to have a relaxing weekend full of fun and adventure. 

Our backyard is tiny so there very little opportunity for exploration.  At our in-laws is 5 acres of fenced area and tons to explore.  King was just beside himself!

"So many smells!"

"This place is beyond awesome!"

Silly, silly little boy

Checking out the paw paw tree

D'light was very excited to be back!  He had to see what he's missed in the 3 weeks he's been gone.

"Lots of critters can hide in this bamboo!"

King hot on D'light's heels

D'light off to check more areas out

King says "wait for me!"

"I can see a lot from this rock!"

Both boys were wondering why we had to go inside.  As I told them, "We have places to go so, we gotta get moving".

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